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Women's Turn of the Century Hard Collars | History of Fashion Design

Women,s Turn of the Century (1900) Hard Collars

Women’s Turn of the Century (c.1900) Hard Collars

13595_09 70985_22

70982_02 70982_03
Pressed celluloid “ivory” covered cardboard collar & cuff box with pink silk lining.

70982_05 Two identical embroidered ladies collars with two buttonhole back closures.

PDF Pattern of this collar

ladysfloral-1 ladysfloral-2

70982_06 Detail photo of above showing the whitework embroidery on the fronts of the collars.

70982_07 70982_08 Two views of an embroidered lock-front collar.  Because this is a woman’s collar the “lock” (extra long tab) is on the right side of the collar, not the left as is usual with men’s collars.

PDF Pattern of this collar

211ladysfloral-1 211ladysfloral-2

70982_09 70982_10 Collar “Sorosis” with a bias banded edge held on with faggoting.

PDF Pattern of this collar

sorosis-1 sorosis-2

70982_14 70982_13  Collar “Thelma” has five dangling external looped tabs through which a necktie or scarf may be threaded.

PDF Pattern of this collar

thelma-1 thelma-2

70982_15 70982_16 This collar with three white petal shaped tabs has a band made of a blue block print, and probably was originally sold with a shirtwaist of the same printed fabric.  It is unclear from the construction which side is the front.

70982_17 This simple fold collar has whitework dots embroidered on the collar, and a plain band.

ladysdot-1 ladysdot-2

PDF Pattern of this collar


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