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Women's Hats 1890-1914 | History of Fashion Design

Women’s Hats 1890-1914

delin1891hats The Delineator, 1891

1896hat 1896

1897hat 1897

1899hat 1899hats 1899 Hats

1900winterhats1 1900milliner 1900 milliner by Lautrec (detail)

1901hats 1901delinhatsPlates from The Delineator 1901

1902septhats1 1902aughats1

1902hats 1902gagehats  Hats for Fall 1902

1903newideahats plate from New Idea, a sewing pattern magazine, 1903.

c1903hats2 c1903hats1 c. 1903

cleomerode1904 1904hatsCleo de Merode 1904 in Max von Boehn’s Modes and Manners of the 19th Century

1906hat 1906

1908hat 1908hat3 1908hat2 1908

winterfinery1909 “Winter Finery”, 1909 in Max von Boehn’s Modes and Manners of the 19th Century

1909hat 1909hat31909 “Gainsborough” hat

1910hatturban 1910lhjhats 1910hat

1910lhjhatoct 1911hatpingirl pinning on a hat, 1910

MaisonLouison c.1911

desmar13 1913

c1915hatcolor c1915hats c 1915

1913 Fisk Hats Wholesale Catalog of Women’s Hats

The Illustrated Milliner Magazine June 1923


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