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Women,s Clothing Patterns & Household Design Templates from St.Petersburg’s “Neva” Magazine 1905 to 1913 | History of Fashion Design

Women,s Clothing Patterns & Household Design Templates from St.Petersburg’s “Neva” Magazine 1905 to 1913

“Neva” Magazine was the Pre-Revolutionary Russian equivalent of “The Ladies Home Journal”, and regularly included inserts of multi- printed patterns such as that shown below, as well as templates for interior design elements, lace, needlework and crafts.

This is a sample of a multi-printed pattern (reduced). These patterns have all the pattern pieces for several garments laid out on top of each other, and require tracing off of the pattern sheet, grading for size, and adding seam allowance. These patterns are not advisable for inexperienced stitchers!

The Decor Templates show designs for crafts, furniture, leather tooling, and other home design, in the “Moderne” style of Russia, a late version of “Art Nouveau” more notable for it’s wholesome natural forms than it’s decadence.

I purchased these inserts in Russia a few years ago at an antique store, copied them in full size at Xerox, and then donated the originals to the Theatre Museum in St. Petersburg.

Cheryl Mitchell has graciously scanned in the plates at right at FULL SIZE,for those of you who want to print these plates out with a plotter/large format printer.They are huge downloads (not suitable for cable modems), but if you have a fast connection and a plotter, you want to go to This page to download the best copies possible.

feb1906decor February 1906 Decor Template

feb1906February 1906 Pattern Sheet

mar1906needle March 1906 Needlework Designs

mar1906March 1906 Pattern Sheet

apr1906decor April 1906 Decor Template

apr1906April 1906 Pattern Sheet

jun1906decor June 1906 Decor Template

jun1906June 1906 Pattern Sheet

nov1906needle November 1906 Needlework Designs

nov1906November 1906 Pattern Sheet

dec1906decor December 1906 Decor Template

dec1906December 1906 Pattern Sheet

aug1907decor August 1907 Decor Template

aug1907August 1907 Pattern Sheet

oct1907needle October 1907 Needlework Designs

oct1907October 1907 Pattern Sheet

nov1907decorNovember 1907 Decor Template

nov1907November 1907 Pattern Sheet

feb1912decor February 1912 Decor Template

feb1912February 1912 Pattern Sheet

feb1913decor February 1913 Decor Template

feb1913February 1913 Pattern Sheet

aug1913decor August 1913 Decor Template

aug1913August 1913 Pattern Sheet

nov1913decor November 1913 Decor Template

nov1913November 1913 Pattern Sheet

apr1905decor April 1905 Decor Template

apr1905April 1905 Pattern Sheet


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