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What is your favorite costumes movies | History of Fashion Design

What is your favorite costumes movies

100 Best Costume Movies

Votes So Far:

From: Eve Taggart
Subject: Movies I vote for Knight Riders, which is out on video, though a tad hard to find.
From: “Penny E. Ladnier”
Best Costumes: Somewhere in Time, Restoration
Best Costumes we have worked in a movie for: Tad (The Family Channel)
From: Teanga (NY, NY)
Regarding good costume movies, more later.. but what about the recent “Mrs.Brown” which was fairly good in authenticity overall, but where were the hoops during the period 1858 to 1868? They create the “look” of the period and I can’t imagine why the designer left them out … also I spotted a couple of 1870s dresses (probably from stock costume houses) in the background (during a ball, I think?) when the story was taking place several years before. Nice to find a fellow “costume-nut” like me, and also like me do you wish today’s “fashions” were more interesting …?Okay, here’s a vote : how about “Angels and Insects” — not always perfectly authentic but almost there and very very beautiful ..You can see what period I like the best !!


Subject: 100 best costumeflix off the top of my head…
THX-1138: lucas’ first. spare. futuristic. sadly, no hair, no hair at
Priscilla, QOTD: ’nuff said.
Wigstock, The Movie: do documentaries count?
The Road Warrior: desert punk.
I Wanna Be A Beauty Queen: see Priscilla.
good luck.


From: McMac
Subject: Costume movies I vote for Sissi and Empress Sissi (German 1956?), not even sure there’s an english version but I’ve seen both twice in French. A beautiful period! brgds neil


From: Dave Brown
Subject: Costumes 100 Best The movie Mulholland Falls
thanks Dave Brown


From: Stacey
Subject: Hi from the UK! Hi there,
First can I say how much I appreciate all the hard work that has gone into your WWW site.There are so many places to look at through your pages of links that I have been looking around for over an hour!I think that The Wizard Of Oz should be in your list of favourite 100 movies on your site.I have just had a dress (like ‘Dorothys’)made up.I wish that I’d landed on your site before then.I only design the outfits,then let a real nice lady here in the UK design all the problem bits such as dress patterns.How can I find real good pictures of either Goldilocks,or Alice In Wonderland? I seem to chase my tail trying to look for stuff.I love dressing up for fancy dress parties and performing at shows (singing songs like ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’) Thanks for a great and helpful site.Love From Stacey


From: Virginia Young
Subject: 100 Greatest Costume Movies Two of my favorites are Juarez (black and white) and The Umbrellas of
Cherbourg. Both are available on video.


From: Mary Treiber
Best costume movies.
This is so much more fun that working. I’ve been looking for info on applying mylar foil–thanks for the method. One movie seen recently: Don Juan de Marco w/ Johnny Depp gorgeous in swashbuckling Spanish gear and then again as a harem inmate. Agree w/ nomination of the Road
Warrior series. The King and I for the king’s outfits. Dune. I still like Darth Vader’s cape. Dangerous Liaisons.


From : Lancer
Subject: Costume Movie I’m not certain if this movie will fit into your standards of “Great Costume Movies” for I haven’t the first clue if any of the costumes other than the Naval Uniforms are the least bit accurate. I can tell you, that these Uniforms, as shown in various segments of the film, are as accurate as is humanly possible. Military History, especially of the “Nelson Era” (1790-1815) has always been an interest of mine, and everything from the French cannoneers to the Spanish Officers is as correct as I have ever seen in a Motion Picture. The film is “Captain Horatio Hornblower” from 1951.
From: “The \”Little\” Voice”
Subject: best costume flicks… I would have to say that the most accurate period film I’ve seen, costume-wise, would be Sense And Sensibility, the new one with Emma
Thompson and Hugh Grant. I’ve done a lot of research involving costumes of the Regency period, and that movie is RIGHT ON. I couldn’t find a single costume piece that wasn’t historically accurate.
From: Rachelle Anthony
Subject:  best costumes I love your page; there’s so much fun info to pour through. My votes:
“Angels and Insects”; brilliantly creative. Colors and designs are so
artistic and visually exciting.
“Return of the Jedi”; Jaba the Hut and the Ewoks: Awesome
“Barry Lyndon”
“The Women”Thanks so much and good luck.
From: Tatjana Longerot
Subject: costumes Dune
From: “Jocelyn Karlan”
Subject:  Best costume movies These type of movies are my favorites, especially because I want to be a costumer. Lady Jane, starring Helena Bonham Carter and directed by Trevor Nunn (1986) This has great Elizabethan costumes, and they show it on Bravo a lot. The Horseman on the Roof is a wonderful French movie from 1996 with 1830’s clothing; Titanic; A Room with a View; Cyrano de Bergerac(french, 1994? with Gerard
Depardieu); Swing Kids(1940’s); The Last of the Mohicans(1992) Cora’s clothes and the uniforms are great. The English Patient, The Age of Innocence, Valmont( I didn’t like the movie but the costumes were good), Restoration, Hamlet (Kenneth Branagh), Quiz Show
From: The Humphry’s Family
Subject: Costumes Star wars!!!! when have you ever seen so much creativity put into a
costume (or hundreds) that just walks across the screen once or even the main costumes. Yeaah! STAR WARS!! -Sam
From Abby
Subject:  Best costume movies Party Girl with Parker Posey’s wacked out wardrobe… Adventures of
Priscilla QOTD- absolutely incredible(!!!)… Fifth Element…
Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Funny Face: how could these two possibly be
forgotten? Funny Face especially for chic capri pants and white
socks… Queen Margot and Horseman on the Roof- both French and tragic,
but the lovely costumes made me very very happy (and so did Olivier
Martinez…what a hottie!)… Flashdance- Yea! 80s excercise wear!…
Story of Adelle H.- French movie about Victor Hugo’s daughter, not sure
about time period but the military wear and dresses are beautiful, and
there are some ethnic costumes too… The Big Sleep- Lauren Bacall’s
40s hats and suits are great… Gulliver’s Travels with that Cheers
guy, ugh what a horrible movie but the costumes are nice… and don’t
forget Bladerunner for stylish futeristic stuffP.S. I love your page, it’s very fascinating and fun.I’ve heard so much about the costumes from “The Avengers”, designed by Brit boy Anthony Powell (article in Vogue’s April issue)… I’m already drooling and can’t wait until the movie comes out. A snakesin catsuit?
Yeeha! Oh and I forgot to mention that the costumes in Boogie Nights
were very very cool.
From Kat
Subject:  Best costume movies ‘Gone With the Wind’ gets my vote any day…
From Robert
Subject:  Best costume movies Going more for interesting/beautiful/fantastic, than historical accuracy, I would have to say “Excalibur” by John Boorman has some smashing costumes which really made an impression on me the first time I saw it. ( I went around trying to be “medieval” for period after that)
From Kirsten
The best costume movie ever is Devil is a Woman, starring Marlene Dietrich, directed by Joseph von Sternberg costumes by Travis Banton and Dietrich, released in 1935. The film is not on video, and very few prints exist, but even the photos are astounding. www.marlene.com might lead to more info, but the movie was suppressed by request of the Spanish government.
From Moitessier
by MIlos Forman
From Sandy
Just wanted to add a few more movies to you list… How about Gone With The Wind? It seems odd that with all the time & detail that went into that movie no one has mentioned it yet. Another good one for costumes was THe Scarlet Letter with Demi Moore and Gary Oldman. Both of these are on video at any neighborhood Blockbuster. And who could ever forget Wynonna Ryder’s costuming in Bram Stoker’s Dracula?
From Joyce
Ben Hur has some quite accurate clothing. The opening shots of all
those Legionnaires with bronze helmets and red cloakes is almost worth the movie. The Men’s wear in this movie is impressive. I believe the designer (Edith Head ?) won the Oscar that year.Did you ever see Scaramoush? Don’t know if that is the correct spelling. It’s been a long time. Starred Stewart Granger (superb fencing and fighting), Janet Leigh and Eleanor Parker, I think. T’was about the French Revolution. Before Napoleon’s skimpy Empire styles.
From Jen
Braveheart with Mel Gibsonandthat realy cool French actress. The
Princess and her Lady in Waiting were superbly fashioned.
Ever After was fabulous as well. I believe it is still in some
theaters. Drew Barrymore didn’t mess up the movie as bad as I had
imagined she could. The Italian Renaissance outfits are fabulous!
THE Best over all was the BBC series Elizabeth R with Glenda Jackson. A six tape series covering the life of Elizabeth I. Very nice costuming and makeup, Janet Arnold helped if that is a clue.
From Wallis
All The Mornings of the World (I can’t pronounce it in French) is spectacular! The movie in itself is beautiful…but the costumes are fantastic as well. It is out on video. I don’t know the year of production. I would say 1994?


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