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Wearable Art Fashion Show at Theatre UAF 2004 | History of Fashion Design

Wearable Art Fashion Show at Theatre UAF 2004


Press Release with Photos:

On April 24, 2004, Theatre UAF will host a fundraiser “fashion show” of more than 70 of the most spectacular costumes that appeared in theatre productions at UAF. Shown without a commentary, and modeled by actors and other performers with a bent towards the dramatic, this is a theatrical performance spectacle, not an ordinary fashion show. Music, lighting, and choreographed movement will combine with memorable costumes from Alice in Wonderland, The Magic Flute, Les Liaisons Dangereuses, The Mikado, The Bacchae, and the little seen, but highly spectacular Grand Tarot. If you missed any of these productions in the past, and wished you had seen the costume made from 20 lbs of twigs, or the one made entirely of videotape, or the reproduction Kabuki costumes, the sexy green chicken-girl, the soft sculpture caterpillar, or even the dancing penis and vagina costumes that got everyone on campus up in arms, now is your chance to see them, and dozens of others, as they were meant to be seen: on actors in the Lee Salisbury theatre at UAF.

dresstootight 44482_21

These costumes represent the cream of 15 years of UAF Associate Professo, including those that have been featured in Theatre Design and Technology.

earnest2 mikado9 valmont

The proceeds from this show will go to help fund student travel to the Scarborough (UK) Student Theatre Festival, and UAF’s best student directors and designers will be showcasing their talents in service of this fundraising goal. Shannon Coburn who designed the sets for UAF’s recent productions of Lysistrata and The Possessed will design scenery, and Tamar Geist who previously designed lighting for Alice in Wonderland, Mud, and The Successful Life of 3 will do Lighting. Chip Brookes, the director of Cop Out, Jeff Aldrich the director of Captive Audience, and Christy Burgess the author & director of Aaron and the Magic Bubbles, will join with two more actors-turned directors, Bo Anderson and Carey Seward in directing segments of the show.

mikado15 liaisons6 merteuil

There will be one performance only of this fundraiser event, on Saturday, April 24th 2004 at 8:15pm in the Salisbury Theatre on the UAF Campus. Tickets will be $10, $5 for UAF Students, and may be bought at the Theatre UAF Box Office (room 302) in the Great Hall, or call(907) 474-7751(907) 474-7751

For more fashion show information, you may contact Tara Maginnis, M-F afternoons 1-5 at 474-7630, evenings and weekends at 456-8119, Publicity photos are available.

Costume designer Tara Maginnis (me) posed in front of the flats painted with giant versions of my renderings used as scenery for the show:




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