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Traditional peasant dresses in Western Europe, 1827 | History of Fashion Design

Traditional peasant dresses in Western Europe, 1827


Louis Marie Lante & Georges-Jacques Gatine

Images kindly provided by Mead Cain, Printseller

“The engraver Georges-Jacques Gatine (born 1773) is considered one of the 19th century masters of fashion plate etchings. He was closely associated with L’abbe de la Mesangere who was director of Journal des Dames. Gatine was the engraver for the important portfolio Le Bon Genre (1817) which satirized Parisian social life and proved to be a inspiration for the art of Daumier. Gatine executed several other works based on drawings by Lante. The genre painter Louis-Marie Lante (born 1789) did watercolors for several collections of costume published by Journal des Modes after 1817″ —Mead Cain, Printseller

French traditional dress

cauchoise 10 Cauchoise

costumedurouen 17 Costume de Rouen

costumeducoutances 25 Costume de Coutances

Traditional dress in other parts of Europe

CuisinieredeHambourg 3 Cuisiniere de Hambourg

JeuneFemmeduCantondArgoivie 28 Jeune Femme du Canton d’Argovie, dans les environs de Baden

JeunefilledelaValleedOetz 10 Jeune fille de la Nallee d’Oetz, dans le Tyrol

JeuneFilleduCantondeLucerne 22 Jeaune Fille du Canton de Soleure

JeuneFilleduCantondeSoleure 24 Jeaune Fille du Canton de Lucerne


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