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Time Line Pages -1535 to 1570a | History of Fashion Design

Time Line Pages -1535 to 1570a


Mid 16th Century Europe (1535 to 1570ce) Page 1

lorenzolottobetrothal Betrothal portrait by Lorenzo Lotto,   (Boehn)

marystuart Mary Stuart  (Boehn)

Costumeseverealamode 1. c.1520.  2. Gentleman, 1540.  (Quicherat)

EleonoredeCastille Elenore of Castille, second wife of Francois I  (Quicherat)

HenriII Henri II  (Quicherat)

Portraitduneprinesse Portrait of one of the Princesses of the French Royal Family  (Quicherat)

10340_07 10340_08 10340_11 10340_13

10340_21 10340_22 10340_24 10340_25

greatwomendelimuel 10340_30(Femmes)

MVC-024F MVC-025F MVC-023F

MVC-026F MVC-027F  Sculpture in the Louvre.

book3plate19  Edward VI (Norris V.3 pt .2)

book3plate23a&b Tower Warders  (Norris V.3 pt .2)

book3plate25 Lady Jane Grey (Norris V.3 pt .2)

book3plate26 Mary I (Norris V.3 pt .2)

book3plate27 Queen Elizabeth I 1559  (Norris V.3 pt .2)

book3plate29 Queen Elizabeth I c. 1560-70 (Norris V.3 pt .2)

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