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Time Line of Costume History 1940,s | History of Fashion Design

Time Line of Costume History 1940,s

20th Century Western Costume: 1940 -1950

1940deanadurbin 1940garycooper

1940lenahorne suitthatboughtbond “The suit that bought a bond”: Woman’s suit made from an old man’s suit. 1942

c1942girl 1942lifefash2

1942lifehats 1942redbook

made1942 gaybras Bras made out of old tablecloths 1942

rescuedrems 2-tone dresses made of fabric remnants

WPByardstick War Production Board guidelines for garment manufacture 1942

1943bettydavis 1943wards1 Ward’s Catalog 1943

sears1943b sears1943aSears’ Catalog 1943

44481_03 70980_12  1940’s Nurses shoes.  For more information on these shoes click here.

70980_13 70980_14 1940’s Nurses shoes.  For more information on these shoes click here.

mlle1944 1944mlle

1944girls2 1944girls1   1944

1945girls1 c1945pattern 1945 pattern

1946boysfash1 1946boysfash2

1946boysfash4 1946boysfashion3

1946boysfashion5 1946boysfashion6

1946boysfashion7 1946boysfashion8  Boys fashions of 1946

1946missamerica sears1946hats Hats of 1946 in Sears Catalog

Mvc-002f Mvc-003f  1940s women’s shoes

Mvc-004f 1940s women’s shoes

pickenalterations Fabric conserving alterations to make small old dresses fit a larger figure 1946

pickendarns Methods for darning nylons 1946

44481_04 44481_05 44481_06 Woman’s cocktail suit c.1946 For more info on this suit click here

pattern1948 1948wards1 1948wards2

1948lifehats 1948wards1948

1949cosmo 1949broad1 1949broad2

1949wards1 1949wards2 1949wards3 1949

Mary of the WACS, a cutout paper doll booklet of 1943

davenportjacket International Male: Davenport JacketInternational Male: Davenport Pant

litefeltfedora International Male: Litefelt Fedora

districttwotone International Male: District Two-tone Shoe

naparegallaceup International Male: Napa Regal Lace-up

franoisgodfather International Male: Franc ois Godfather Hat

stacyadamszoothat Stacey Adams Zoot Hat


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