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Time Line of Costume History 1920,s | History of Fashion Design

Time Line of Costume History 1920,s

20th Century Western Costume: 1920 -1930

margotasquith1920 Margot Asquith in 1920

leafhat Leaf-shape hat on pg 3 of The Illustrated Milliner Magazine of June 1923 (click image for larger version).

violetgeorgetteweb A blouse of Violet Georgette, with beadwork from the National Cloak and Suit Company Catalog for 1920.

goldblouseweb A Crepe de Chine Blouse from the 1920National Catalog

2blousesweb Two More silk blouses from theNational Catalog of 1920.

cover1920national This is a Detail of the National cover, click it to see the full size cover.

courtshoe1920 (click image for larger version) An English “Court” shoe of 1920.

nationalcat 1920Bonton1 Gazette du Bon Ton, 1920

1920tailleur 1920tailleur1 1920tailleur2 1920tailleur3 from a 1920 French Tailoring magazine for women

44477_02 Brown Silk dress with chiffon collar c.1920


1921bonton bon1921a 1921modpriscilla 1921designer The Designer, 1921

1921lagazette1 1921lagazette2 1921lagazette3 1921lagazette4 La Gazette du Bon Ton, 1921 Images of these plates kindly provided by  ACarter of eBay,seller of Antique prints and Magazines

1921cheezcake 1921

114 Images and Patterns from P.Clement Brown’s Art In Dress

20smenssuits c1920mens  c 1920

1921delin c1920haasbros21921 from theDelineator

c1920haasbros1 c1920haasbros3 c1920haasbros4 c. 1920 from the Haas Bros. Catalog

1925demony 1925

1924kuppenheimer 1924

1921Kuppenheimer 1921

1922legion1 1922colesphilhosery 1922gazette9 1922bonton1

1922gazette2 1922gazette3 1922gazette4 1922gazette5

1922gazette6 1922gazette7 1922gazette8

1922gazette1 1922gazette10 1922gazette11

1922wards bon1922a bon1922b Plate from Le Bon Genre 1922

leafhat Leaf-shape hat on pg 3 of The Illustrated Milliner Magazine of June 1923

  1923 desdec23 desnov231923

1924chic 1924

Mvc-004f Shoe of the 1920’s in the Musee de la Mode et du Textile

MVC-022F Beaded Dresses of the 1920’s in the Musee de la Mode et du Textile

MVC-013F MVC-021F MVC-020F 20sshawl Evening dress showing typical “Spanish” embroidered shawl, and huge ostrich feather fan, c. 1925

1924needlecraftcover a cover of Needlecraft Magazine from 1924

bakst1923phedratheseus Design by Leon Bakst forPhedre and Theseus in 1923

bakstking another theatre design by Bakst

josephcostumeprint josephcostumes two costumes for the ballet Joseph by Bakst

flapperlady 1920s c 1925

44481_23Black satin 1920’s women’s Shoes

c1925lhj1 c1925lhjplates

1925legion3 1925legion1

1925legion2 designdec25 designmay25

CWStores1925 lamodesepr1925 1925mccalls2

1925mccalls3 1925mccalls1 desjan25 1925


1926WinterSportsGirl  1926 “Winter Sports Girl” in Max von Boehn’s Modes and Manners of the 19th Century

Dress worn by the society hostess known as “The Biltmore Girl” for the 1923 opening of The Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles.  Silk satin with a painted design taken from the Italian Renaissance reproduction ceiling in the main ballroom.

box10no7a 1926 “Winter Sports Girl” in Max von Boehn’s Modes and Manners of the 19th Century

tailleur4 Red and ecru silk dress with pleated skirt and chain stitch decoration. (Ecru rayon extension was added at a later date to lengthen

the skirt)

tailleur1 tailleur3 tailleur2 peach dress

artgoutebeaut1926a artgoutebeaut1926b artgoutebeaut1926c artgoutebeaut1926d

1926elitestyles 1926fashbook 1926drygoods artgoutebeaut1927a Art – Gout – Beaute 1926

artgoutebeaut1927b artgoutebeaut1927c artgoutebeaut1927d

1927needlecraft 1927wards1 1927barrysuit

pictrev1927 1927kupp1 1928english Sports fans 1927 from a Kuppenheimer ad provied by RaveOnline

fash1 fash2 fash4 English Fashions, 1928

1928wannamaker1 fayyoufastowitts Design by Stowitts for an unrealized Opera: “Fay-you-fa” showing the quintessence of deco costume design of the 1920’s

1928admens delapr28

clochehats2 clochehats1

clochehats3 clochehats5

fashionserv1928 fashionserv1928b

cover backcover insidefront insideback Bernard-Hewitt & Co. Summer 1928 Apparel Sale Catalog

pictrev1929 1929mccall5739 chicmailorder1929

beauty1929 1929wards Montgomery Ward’s Catalog 1929

PICT0044 Royal Tailors Catalog of 1920 

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