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Thornton's International System of Ladies' Garment Cutting | History of Fashion Design

Thornton’s International System of Ladies’ Garment Cutting

1.jpg J.P. Thornton

3.jpg Title Page

I apologize for the quality of some of the scans.  This was scanned from a Xerox I made of this copyright expired tailoring manual in 1985.  I no longer have access to the original manual which was (and perhaps still is) at the Library of the University of Houston.

Contents Pages

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7.jpg 8.jpg Information in French and German

  • Basic DraftsStandard Bodice, S. B. & D. B. Vest.

  • Jackets: Standard Jacket, The “Semi-Sac” Jacket, The “Sac” Jacket, Lady’s Fur-Trimmed Jacket, Over Shoulder Seam Jacket, The New “Empire” Jacket, New No-Collar Jacket, New “Three Piece” Jacket, New Double Breasted Jacket, , New Side-Panel Jacket, New Kimono Jacket, Lady’s Norfolk Jacket, The New Curved-Front Jacket, Lady’s Fancy Jacket, Lady’s Dress Coat Style Jacket, The New “Skirt-Panel” Jacket, Lady’s Side Pleated Jacket, Lady’s Fashionable Costume Jacket,  The Fashionable Shoulder-Cut Jacket, Lady’s D. B. “Newmarket” Jacket, Lady’s Fashionable Sports Jacket.

  • Coats & Capes:  New Winter “Saque” or Motor Coat, New York Seam “Saque”, New Double-Breasted “Saque”,  New Three Seam and Pleated “Saque”, New Russian Coat, The “Raglan” Wrap, Lady’s Fashionable Coat, The New “Hip-Band” Coat, New “Short-Waisted” Coat,  The New “Basque” Raglan Coat, The New Style Kimono, The “D. B.” Close Fitting Ulster System, Close-Back Straight-Front Ulster, The “Semi-Sac” Ulster, Lady’s Winter Wrap, Lady’s Fashionable D. B. Wrap, The D. B. “Sac” Ulster, Lady’s D. B. “Raglan” Wrap, Lady’s “Slip-On” Ulster, The New “Kimono” Ulster, The “Thornton” Sac Inverness, Cavalier Capes, The New “Raglan” Sports Coat, Hoods, Lady’s Motor Coat or Wrap, Lady’s Fashionable D. B. Motor Wrap.

  • Dresses, Skirt and Suits:  Ordinary and “Magyar: Blouses, “Magyar” blouse and Corselet Skirt, New “Empire” Costume, New Style Jacket and Seamless Skirt, Sleeves for Ladies Garments, The New “Peg-Top” Skirt, The Close “Panel” Skirt, The Close “Panel” Corselet Skirt, The New “Two-Piece” Skirt, The New “Draped” Skirt, The New Pegtop Skirt, Lady’s Fashionable Costume Skirts, The New “Side-Fastening” Skirt, The New Style Costume Skirt, The Corpulent Lady’s Skirt.

  • Riding And Cycling Dress: Lady’s Riding Jacket System, The New Riding Jacket, The New Ride-Astride Coat, Lady’s “Standard” Riding Skirt, Lady’s “Safety” Riding Skirt, Lady’s “Looped” Safety Riding Skirt,  Lady’s “Apron” Riding Skirt, Lady’s “Pommel-Clear” Riding Skirt, Lady’s Safety “Apron” Riding Skirt, Lady’s Ride-Astride Plain Skirt, The Ride-Astride Skirt, Lady’s Riding Breeches,  Lady’s Riding Pantaloons,  Lady’s Cycling Skirt.

168.jpg Back Page Advertisement for classes and other Publications of the Thornton Institute.


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