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Theatre UAF Costume,s Shop | History of Fashion Design

Theatre UAF Costume,s Shop

09703_04 The Costume Shop is unusually large for an undergraduate-only theatre program. While comparing notes with other costumers in the Northwest Drama Conference (AK, WA, OR, & ID) I found it “tied” with Anchorage as the biggest college shop space (21′ x 53′ in the main room alone) in the Conference region.

92916_12 09703_13

Like nearly every costume shop, it is in a basement with no windows and cement walls, but in Winter in Fairbanks this is a blessing. You never realize that it’s cold and dark outside till you go to get your car. (Boy do you notice it then!)

One of the main shop disadvantages, a poor ventilation system, we turned to our advantage, by making an all non-toxic vapor working environment.

09703_12 92916_04
We have two full-size (4′ x 8′) padded cutting tables, and a full and a 2/3’s size crafts tables, plus a hot glue table.

77548_03 Oh, yes, and we once had a part-time costume shop cat, the estimable Shoelace.

Costume Shop Equipment
77549_08 The shop has a comfortable amount of good, equipment, including 6 Wolf-type dress forms, 3 Bernina sewing machines, an industrial over lock serger, a Con sew industrial, an Airbrush and compressor, and a genuine industrial soup cooker dye vat.

77549_03 We also have a new commercial washer & drier, provided by a group of community donors.

77549_04 (Ain’t it a dream?) We also have two nearly new electric-pump industrial steam irons, a newer Thompson portable industrial walking foot, and a barely year old standing steamer wand.

1ax_mach We also have a Pentium computer connected to the university T1 ethernet for the shop.

1ax_bin2 Students working on their own projects have access to our extensive swatch and scrap bin system, where any fabric smaller than a foot square is available for swatches, and any fabric smaller than a yard square is folded into color coded scraps for use in shows and projects.

1ax_bins drawers

In addition to the main room is:


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