The Mystery of Edwin Drood (1996)

drood1 Dick Datchery and the Princess Puffer

drood2a“No Good Can Come From Bad”

drood3 Chris Stone as Edwin Drood

drood2 Chris Stone as Alice Nutting

drood5 Barbara Pitsenberger as the Princess Puffer

p11b Darrell Clark as the Chairman, Barbara Pitsenberger as the Princess Puffer, and Shannon Luster as the Stage Manager

drood6 Rob Boyer as John Jasper

drood7 Jennifer Young as Rosa Bud

drood8 Voting on the Murderer

drood drood10zRendering for Edwin Drood

droodchair The Chairman

droodsm The Stage Manager

drooddrunks droodjuggle

droodpuffer Photos by Kade Mendelowitz

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