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The Mikado at Theatre UAF 1999ce | History of Fashion Design

The Mikado at Theatre UAF 1999ce

A sample of the designs:

mikado6 mikado2 mikado4

mikado3 mikado1 mikado5

mikado7 mikado15 mikado9

Costume Concept Statement:

Our stage director wanted to heighten the fantastic style of our production of The Mikado by incorporating elements of Kabuki acting movement. I was asked to provide as close as possible to Kabuki costumes on a $3000 budget. We deliberately made cumbersome items like geta (wooden shoes with stilts) for our entire chorus, put the court lady Katisha in a kimono that entirely covered her hands, and gave the Mikado hakima (trousers) that were one yard longer than his legs. The look of Kabuki garments was generated by fabric painting done by our actors on a paint by number system.

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