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The Grand Tarot UAF Student Drama Association, 1997c | History of Fashion Design

The Grand Tarot UAF Student Drama Association, 1997c

UAF Student Drama Association Special Presentation 1997 Costumes

ahero The Ensemble, The Gypsy and The Fool, enter dancing.

tarotgypsy gypsy Rendering for the Gypsy

tarot1 gypsyandfool “In defiance of current theatrical trends, a play that has a hero!”
The Gypsy and The Fool

Mvc-001f Mvc-002f

The Gypsy’s Skirt:

254b066 254b067 254b068 254b069

gypsylong01Costume for The Gypsy in The Grand Tarot

tarotfool fool Rendering for The Fool

dresstootight “This dress is too tight!” The High Priestess, The Moon

tarotpriestess priestess Rendering for The High Priestess

priestessz “For it was written in the stars that I was to remain in a state of virginity for all eternity!” The High Priestess

tarot2 goldpumps “And was it also written in the stars that you would wear six inch high solid gold f*ck me pumps for all eternity?” The High Priestess, The Moon, The Magician

tarotempress empress Rendering for The Empress

empressz “Sometimes the truth socks it to me so hard…” The Empress

Mvc-024f Mvc-020f Mvc-025f

emperor “Their blood is upon them.” The Emperor

tarotpope2 pope Rendering for The Pope (The Hierophant)

tarotpope dearlybeloved “If any man may show reason why this hermaphrodite may not be joined…” The Emperor, Marriage He/She: The Hermaphrodite, The Pope: The Hierophant.

Mvc-021f Mvc-022f Mvc-023f

devil “Stop! This may not be!” The Devil

halleluia “You may kiss the bride” The Pope: The Hierophant, The Emperor, Marriage He/She: The Hermaphrodite, The Empress.

tarotdeath death Costume Rendering for Death

deathaieeee! “I am Death, whom no man fear…” Death

tarothermit hermit Rendering for The Hermit

hermitandmagician “Magician, you are seeking a classic kind of glory. But there is another kind of glory: infamy!” The Magician, The Hermit.

tarotsphinx sphinx Rendering for The Sphinx

sphinxkicks “Get on your knees! It is good for heroes!” The Sphinx, The Magician

sunandmoon “The beauty of the High Priestess is greatly over-rated.” The Sun, The Moon

goback “Go back, or be sunk by cannon shot.” Death, The Hanged Man

trial “Anything you say may be used against you.” The Hermit, The Magician, The High Priestess, The Sphinx, The Devil, The Fool, The Hermaphrodite, The Empress.

Mvc-026f Mvc-027f

dresstootightThe Grand Tarot” Costume Screensaver 3.5MB


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