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The Glass Menagerie UAF - 1995ce | History of Fashion Design

The Glass Menagerie UAF - 1995ce

The Glass Menagerie (1995)

Costumes and Photos

92872_13 Dave Fields as Tom the Narrator [at auditions the director, Anatoly Antohin, had two actors who both had abilities for Tom, the central role. One had the best abilities in Tom’s young persona, the other had the kind of gravity with humor that the narrator parts of Tom needed. Rather than pick one who would be good at one half of the part but weak in the other half, Anatoly chose both, and split the part into older and younger versions of Tom’s self, on stage simultaneously. After seeing Dave in the scripted “merchant seaman’s” coat at first dress, it became obvious that it was not working with this split. On a hunch I pulled a late 1940’s-early 1950’s raw silk suit jacket in a natural golden-beige, paired it with a cream wool pair of cuffed, pleated 1940’s trousers, beige 1950’s Thai silk tie, and off-white dress shirt. He got lots of little touches of gold jewelry, a tie clip, ring, cigarette case, and wristwatch. And mixed with Dave’s pale blonde hair he looked like a de-colored ghost of Tennessee Williams. It worked better as a costume than all the others we spent weeks working on.]

92872_16 Georgia Berry as Amanda, Dave Fields as Tom the Narrator and Alex Beaudrault as the (silent) absent Father [Two other actors were also added as silent roles in the play. During the monologue about the dance hall the gentleman caller, Jim was seen on the periphery of our thrust stage dancing with his fiancée. The absent Father, also floated around the edge of the stage, just out of reach, whenever he was alluded to. He too was in creams and beiges, c. 1910, like the ghost of the handsome young man Amanda first met.]

92872_19 92872_22 Jenny Cross as Laura

Photos by Kade Mendelowitz

menagerie2 menagerie3 menagerie4


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