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The Fan Museum in Greenwich | History of Fashion Design

The Fan Museum in Greenwich

The Fan Museum in Greenwich

fanmuseum1 fanmuseum3 fanmuseum4
Both of us in front of the museum, rather dead after our morning at the Globe and journey to Greenwich.

Telescoping fans:
fanmuseum5 fanmuseum6 fanmuseum7

fanmuseum10 fanmuseum8 fanmuseum9

fanmuseum11 fanmuseum013 fanmuseum014
Fan showing “The Arrival of Marie Leszcynska at Fontainebleau” c. 1725

fanmuseum014 fanmuseum016
Fan showing costumes worn at a Victorian costume ball on a Medieval Theme. This is of course the tip of the iceberg. For more pictures see the official site The Fan Museum: The World’s greatest collection of antique and modern fans

One thing you won’t see at their site, but must view in person is the amazing bathroom at the museum that won the “Loo of the Year Award” for 2002. It has a hand painted design of Chinese blue and white china and fans, educational reading material on the inside doors of the stalls, and more. This photo shows one tiny corner.


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