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The Cluny Medieval Art and Jewelry | History of Fashion Design

The Cluny Medieval Art and Jewelry


1999 UK/Paris Costume Tour Pictures
Merovingian Jewelry c600CE


Medieval silk pattern


Tiny golden ring brooches about 1″ in diameter, or less.
These are the tiny, late medieval remnant of the huge Celtic ring brooches of the early middle ages.


15th Century belts & parts

Mvc-006f Mvc-007f Mvc-008f Mvc-019f

Mvc-018f Mvc-017f Mvc-013f Mvc-016f

Mvc-012f Mvc-011f

Mvc-014f Mvc-010f

15th century statue of a woman

Mvc-030f Mvc-001f

15th Century Painting showing ladies in Reticulated headdresses
St Mary Magdalene in elaborate headdress c. 1500

Mvc-027f Mvc-028f Mvc-029f

Gold head for a martin,  would have been attached to a stuffed dead martin or weasel fur piece worn by ladies in the 16th century


See example.

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