The Bell That Rang For Itself

The Bell That Rang For Itself (“Kolokochik Prostotak”)

1995 Theatre Parijh, St. Petersburg

bellcloudsthe clouds

belldogDog Klingzor

bellninaNina the little girl

bell8Cat Timothy

bellmouseThe Mouse, his Girlfriend

bell1Uncle Petya

bellph1Uncle Petya

bellph10Uncle Petya With the Cactus

bell2Cat Tsunami

bellclosDetail, rendering of Cat Tsunami

bellphjkCat Tsunami’s Jacket

92917_20 92917_21

bell3The Bell, Nina’s Magic Imaginary Friend

bellph6The Bell (Nina Yevdokimova) and Uncle Petya

bellph9The Bell and Nina

bellph3Nina the Little Girl

bellph8Nina the Little Girl

bell4The Mouse, transformed into a “Star”

bellph5The Mouse transforms

bellph11 catandmouseCat Timofea chases The Mouse his Girlfriend

bellph4Cat Timofea

bellph7The Cast Posing outside the Walls of Krechy Prison


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