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Tara,s Dead Irish & American Relatives of the 1880ce | History of Fashion Design

Tara,s Dead Irish & American Relatives of the 1880ce

Tara’s Dead Irish Relatives

Irish-American Middle Class Dress in San Francisco, c. 1880 as seen in a bunch of photos of Tara’s dead (and now nameless) relatives. (Click for larger images).

These are probably from the late 1870’s

bustle vaughn4 vaughn5 dore4

vaughn2 vaughn3 hyperion

vaughn dore dore2

And these are probably from the early 1880’s.  Note slight differences in the women’s skirts and hair.  There are more fluffy hair bangs after 1880, and less fluffy skirts.

burnett dore3 dore5

dore6 dore7 elite

flaglor fowser morse

oakland peters phila

williams conm katem

All these folks, but two, are nameless because nobody ever wrote their names on the back of the photos…a reminder to all to keep your photo albums labeled! The last two are “Con and Kate” who ran the bar/lunch parlor down by the cemetery in Colma,  where everyone went after funerals to eat and drink before the long drive back to San Francisco.


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