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St. Petersburg's "Neva" Magazine 1905-1913 | History of Fashion Design

St. Petersburg's

Women’s Clothing Patterns and Household Design Templates from St. Petersburg’s “Neva” Magazine 1905-1913

Cheryl Mitchell has graciously scanned in the plates below at FULL SIZE, for those of you who want to print these plates out with a plotter/large format printer.  They are huge downloads (not suitable for cable modems), If you would like smaller versions.

1905aprnevadesign_small 1905aprnevapattern_small April 1905

1906febnevadesign_small 1906febnevapattern_small February 1906

1906marchnevadesign_small 1906marchnevapattern_small March 1906

1906aprnevadesign_small 1906aprnevapattern_smallApril 1906

1906junenevadesign_small 1906junenevapattern_small June 1906

1906novnevadesign_small 1906novnevapattern_small November 1906

1906decnevadesign_small 1906decnevapattern_small December 1906

1907augnevadesign_small 1907augnevapattern_small August 1907

1907octnevadesign_small 1907octnevapattern_small October 1907

1907novnevadesign_small 1907novnevapattern_small November 1907

1912febnevadesign_small 1912febnevapattern_small February 1912

1913febnevadesign_small 1913febnevapattern_small February 1913

1913augnevadesign_small 1913augnevapattern_small August 1913

1913novnevadesign_small 1913novnevapattern_smallNovember 1913


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