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St. Paul's & The Museum of London: London Before 1700 | History of Fashion Design

St. Paul's & The Museum of London: London Before 1700

We will go early to the Museum of Londone we will get to see the Cheapside Hoard, a cache of early 17th Century jewelry that was discovered in a wall where the jeweler/pawnbroker left it. It shows the normal stock of a pawnshop or jeweler in the reign of James I, with lots of Elizabethan style waist belts and neck chains. This museum also has bits of Royal dress, theatrical costumes, and the dress of ordinary Londoners from an assortment of periods. When the school tours become too numerous, we can walk to nearby St. Paul’s Cathedral, by Christopher Wren, where historic notables are buried in elaborately sculpted tombs.

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In front of St Paul’s

The Museum of London: London Before 1700

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Replica of Roman interior

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Medieval footwear & Jewelry

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Mvc-009f Mvc-007f Mvc-011f

Headress in the dutch style c.1600

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Model of the Rose Theatre based on the recent excavation

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The Cheapside Hoard a hidden stock of 16th-17th Century Jewelry found in Cheapside in the 20th Century

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Mvc-020f Mvc-021fz Mvc-018f

Mvc-027f Mvc-019f Mvc-022fz

Mvc-026f Mvc-023f Mvc-024f

17th Century fire helmet Barber’s Bowl and jewelry c.1700

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Mvc-008f Mvc-009fz

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