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Sr. Marilyn Murphy Retirement | History of Fashion Design

Sr. Marilyn Murphy Retirement

Retirement Party for Sr. Marilyn, Church of the Epiphany, SF, CA

2008_0628costumeclass0002 2008_0628costumeclass0003 2008_0628costumeclass0004 2008_0628costumeclass0001

P1020854 P1020855 P1020856 P1020853

P1020857 P1020859 P1020860 P1020861

P1020862 P1020864 P1020865 P1020863

P1020866 P1020869 P1020870 P1020868

P1020871 P1020872 - Copy P1020873 P1020874

P1020877 P1020878 P1020875 P1020876

P1020880 P1020881 - Copy P1020882 P1020879

P1020883 P1020885 P1020887 P1020888

P1020891 P1020892 - Copy P1020889 P1020890

P1020892combined P1020893 P1020894 P1020895

P1020896 P1020897 P1020898 P1020899

P1020900 P1020903 P1020906 P1020901

P1020908 P1020909 P1020868 P1020907

P1020911 P1020912 P1020913

P1020915 P1020916 P1020917

P1020919 P1020921 P1020922 P1020923

P1020924 P1020920 P1020914

P1020925 P1020926 P1020927

P1020929 P1020930 P1020932 P1020928

P1020933 P1020934 P1020935 P1020936

P1020937 P1020939 P1020940 P1020938

P1020941 P1020942 P1020943 P1020944

P1020946 P1020947 P1020948 P1020949

P1020950 P1020952 P1020953

P1020955 P1020954 P1020956


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