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Shopping With Dawn Wood 2002ce | History of Fashion Design

Shopping With Dawn Wood 2002ce

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Dawn took us to and we saw a lot of neat stuff sold in bulk that it might be useful for ordering later. At the suggestion of shop staff, I very quickly took photos of the boxes that had trim we were interested in so that we could easily note down the proper code numbers for ordering online later. This is where a self-focusing automatic point and shoot camera is handy, since in many cases I was having to hold the camera above my head by a couple of feet to get the picture.

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bm104a9 bm104c1 bm104i bm104b9

bm104j bm104b6 bm104b7 bm104b8

bm104c1z bm104c3 bm104c4 bm104c2

bm104c6 bm104d1 bm104d2 bm104c5

bm104d3 bm104d4 bm104d5 bm104c8

bm104k bm104m bm104l bm104n

bm104o bm104p bm104q bm104r

bm104s bm104t bm104w bm104u

bm104x bm104y bm104z bm104v


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