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San Francisco at the Native | History of Fashion Design

San Francisco at the Native

San Francisco at the Native Daughters of the Golden West Costume Collection

NDGWCanon001 NDGWCanon002 NDGWCanon003 NDGWCanon033

NDGWCanon035 NDGWCanon006 NDGWCanon004 NDGWCanon034

These two taken with flash:
NDGWCanon005 NDGWCanon007 NDGWCanon009 NDGWCanon010

NDGWCanon012 NDGWCanon013 NDGWCanon013x NDGWCanon011

NDGWCanon014 NDGWCanon015 NDGWCanon016 NDGWCanon017

NDGWCanon020 NDGWCanon021 NDGWCanon018 NDGWCanon019

NDGWCanon022 NDGWCanon023 NDGWCanon024 NDGWCanon025

NDGWCanon026 NDGWCanon028 NDGWCanon029 NDGWCanon030

NDGWCanon036 NDGWCanon037 NDGWCanon038 NDGWCanon039

Here are the Minolta Dimage X photos. The Dimage X has a very hard time focusing in low light, and so after this test I took up my Dad’s offer to borrow his camera for the UK part of my trip, since mainly I’d be taking photos in museums where a flash is unsuitable. The Minolta Dimage X however is far superior in flash shots, the Canon usually washes out and/or discolors in flash shots, whereas the Minolta’s flash shots look like natural lighting (see Las Vegas Photos for Examples) The Diamage X is also the smallest & lightest high resolution digital camera with optical zoom-about the size of a pack of cigarettes, so it is great for carting around during vacations.

PICT0001 PICT0002 PICT0003 PICT0004

PICT0011z PICT0006 PICT0010z PICT0012z

PICT0013z PICT0014 PICT0015  PICT0016

PICT0017z PICT0019z PICT0024z

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