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Russian Blouse, c.1919 from Columbia Yarns | History of Fashion Design

Russian Blouse, c.1919 from Columbia Yarns


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Russian Blouse

Columbia Iceland Wool, 4 balls; Columbia Bone or Celluloid Crochet Hook size 2.

Back: Ch 144 sts for the 47 m of line A-B. Work according to chart to line C, down right front to D and break yarn at centre front. Work other front to correspond, ch 2 sts between fronts and finish to E.

Fringe: Wind enough yarn over a 6-inch card to tie 3 strands in every other st around sleeves. Wind enough over an 18-inch card for the same around lower edge of sweater. Work 1 row of s c around neck and down fronts.

from Columbia Yarns, n.d., pgs. 122-124.


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