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Roman Costume from Speltz Styles of Ornament | History of Fashion Design

Roman Costume from Speltz Styles of Ornament

Ancient Roman Costume
From drawings in Styles of Ornament by Alexander Speltz, 1904

romanpriestessofcybele Statue of a priestess of Cybele in full canonicals with sacrificial implements

romewomen'shair Women’s hairstyles

titus 15. The Emperor Titus in State armor. 14. The helmet of a Centurion.

tragicactorrome Ivory figure showing the costume of a tragic actor (note, the things on the bottom, long thought to be platform type shoes, are now generally believed to be pegs for securing the statuette in a base).

  helmetingermanyTwo views of a Roman helmet found in Germany

romanboot1 romeboot2Highly decorated military boot.

romesandal1 romesandal2

Ordinary men’s sandals


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