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Riding & Cycling Dress Patterns 1912c | History of Fashion Design

Riding & Cycling Dress Patterns 1912c

Thornton’s International System of Ladies’ Garment Cutting
(London, c.1912)

Riding And Cycling Dress

140 141
Lady’s Riding Jacket System

142 143
The New Riding Jacket

144 145

The New Ride-Astride Coat

146 147
Lady’s “Standard” Riding Skirt

148 149
Lady’s “Safety” Riding Skirt

150 151
Lady’s “Looped” Safety Riding Skirt

152 153

Lady’s “Apron” Riding Skirt

154 155
Lady’s “Pommel-Clear” Riding Skirt

156 157
Lady’s Safety “Apron” Riding Skirt

158 159
Lady’s Ride-Astride Plain Skirt

  160 161

The Ride-Astride Skirt

162 163
Lady’s Riding Breeches

164 165
Lady’s Riding Pantaloons

166 167
Lady’s Cycling Skirt

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