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Rendering Link,s | History of Fashion Design

Rendering Link,s

Pattern for a helpful “Dancing Man”. Make this out of heavy cardstock, connect the pieces with brads as shown in the center, and lay it on your paper to make different poses for your body-outlines. If you have trouble rendering figures, this can make things easier till you learn how.

A suggested pattern for “proper” rendering layout, which I use in my class. (Standards in other teachers classes will vary – ask your instructor for his/her preferred standard form).
“Croquis” Outline Sheets: These are forms made for making rendering easier for beginning students. To watercolor on them, just print them out on cardstock not paper. They also can be used as supplementary images for the costume shop “book” of a productions designs, outline drawings of items in storage or a history collection, etc. Images on the left are in quick-downloading Gif format, if you have a faster modem, I suggest the higher quality jpeg images on the right.

femalefront femalefront
Female Front Outline sheet

femaleback femaleback
Female Back Outline sheet

malefront malefront
Male Front Outline sheet

maleback maleback
Male Back Outline sheet


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