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Religious Costume and Clothing Links | History of Fashion Design

Religious Costume and Clothing Links

Please note, I’m a Cheerful Existentialist and don’t endorse any other religion.  However, religion is a powerful influence on the history of dress, so these links are provided for your information. In this list many religions are grouped together by clothing style, not necessarily by philosophical affiliation.  So, for example Lutherans and Anglicans are grouped with Catholics (since they use similar vestments) while Byzantine Catholics are Grouped with Eastern Orthodox for the same reason.  Some groups I have not yet found links for.  This is not to imply that Taoists, Coptic Christians or other groups not yet listed wear no clothes…

Also note, most religions are not too keen on having their sacred  garments reproduced for stage or film purposes, particularly if the stage or film work in question is not in harmony with the teachings of that religion.  Use common sense and common courtesy when ever possible, or be prepared to get people very upset with you when you do not.

Catholic, High Church Anglican/Episcopalian Pre-Vatican II Separatists & Lutheran 


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