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Rejected Designs Bacchae2 | History of Fashion Design

Rejected Designs Bacchae2

Here are the old rejected designs. Does anybody out there want to do a production using these designs? Reasonable rates for slightly used designs….

bacc10 Pentheus disguised as a Maenad …

bacc12 Dionysus as the Horned God option 1..

bacc11 Dionysus as the Horned God option 2 (my preference)….

bacc13 Dionysus disguised as a Young Man, option 2, (my preference)…

bacc14 Dionysus disguised as a Young Man, option 1..

bacc15 The Messenger, Pentheus’ servant….

bacc16 The Herdsman…..

bacc17 A Guard…

bacc18 Cadmus option 2….

bacc19Teiresias option 2..

bacc20 Teiresias option 1….

bacc21 Cadmus option 1….

bacc22 King Pentheus..

bacc23 Chorus of Maenads…..

bacc24 Agaue with the head of her son..

(1997) Roughs for Theatre UAF Production, Spring 1997
Click on figures to see larger images.

bacc1 Dionysus as the Horned God

bacc2 Dionysus Disguised as a Young Man



bacc5 Agaue

bacc6Maenads (?) second choice costume

bacc7Maenads 1st Choice Costume.


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