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Reckless-1996ce | History of Fashion Design


reckless (1996)

Costumes by Tara Maginnis

reckless1 Spokesmodel’s Costume for the Game Show scene. Click for larger image.


reckles2 The Game Show Host Tim Timko. Click for larger image.

reckles1 Rachel in her game-show costume as Venus. Rachel wore her Xmas nightgown throughout the play in our production.

pootyrendRough for Pooty’s party dress.



67270_02 67270_17 67270_28 67269_34

67268_06 67268_04 67268_05 67269_35

67268_08 67268_14 67269_30 67269_33 The ghost of Pooty past

67268_16 67268_24 67268_25 67268_26

Set Design for Reckless by Timarie McCormick

67269_21 67269_20 67269_23

67269_24 67269_27 67269_26 click for larger images


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