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Professional Laundering For Hard Collars in the US | History of Fashion Design

Professional Laundering For Hard Collars in the US

Laundering For Hard Collars

From a Forwarded letter:

“I’ve spoken to the French Hand Laundry (the folks who used to do my wing collars and shirts, when I had them) and the people I remember are still there, they still do the work, and are willing to do a by-mail business. In fact, they do it all the time.

The French Hand Laundry
606 South Lake St.
Pasadena, CA 91106
attn: Virginia


As I believe I mentioned before, they specialize in one-of-a-kind costumes, designer gowns, wedding dresses and that sort of stuff. They are also, according to my sources, the last place in Northern America to do wing collars and stiff-front shirts the old-fashioned way.”


From the Formal Wear Message Board:

“Subject: Cheap Collar cleaners & starchers

The cleaners I take my collars to is:

Brooks’ Laundry
13 Maryport Street

01380 727773

However, I’ve just spoken to them and they say they simply send the
collars off to:

CPU Cleaners

0117 954 8213

I apologize for the lack of detail in the addresses, but this is all
they could tell me. I would suggest ringing CPU first and, if you get
no joy from them, try Brooks’ again.”


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