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Photos of Acts IIIrd (Fire) and IVth (Death) | History of Fashion Design

Photos of Acts IIIrd (Fire) and IVth (Death)


Production Photos

Act III (Fire)

MVC-022F MVC-023F

MVC-024F MVC-025F Olga & Natasha

MVC-026F Kulegin

MVC-027F Olga & Kulegin

MVC-028F MVC-029F

MVC-016F The Doctor

MVC-031F Irina & The Baron

MVC-032F Doctor, Kulegin, Solyony

MVC-001F MVC-003F Masha

MVC-002F The Baron, Solyony

MVC-004F Masha, Irina

MVC-005F Olga, Masha

MVC-006F Masha, Kulegin

MVC-008F MVC-007F

MVC-012F MVC-011F Olga, Masha & Irina

MVC-011Fa The Video Screen

MVC-012Fa MVC-013F

MVC-013Fa MVC-014F MVC-015F Olga & Masha

Act IV (Death)

MVC-008Fa MVC-006Fa MVC-007Fa

MVC-010F MVC-004Fa MVC-009F

MVC-005Faa MVC-014Fa MVC-015Fa

MVC-001Faa MVC-002Fa MVC-003Fa Curtain Call


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