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Photos of Act IInd (Halloween) | History of Fashion Design

Photos of Act IInd (Halloween)


Production Photos

Act II (Halloween)

MVC-021F Irina & The Baron

MVC-022F Natasha & Andrei

MVC-024F MVC-023F

MVC-026F Vershinin & Masha

MVC-025F Videotaping the Baron

MVC-027F MVC-028F Irina in Postal Uniform

MVC-029F Andrei

MVC-001F Solyony, Natasha, Baron

MVC-002F Solyony & Natasha

MVC-003F Natasha

MVC-004F Irina in Haloween Costume as Alien

MVC-005F Natasha, Vershinin, Masha

MVC-006F Solyony & The Baron

MVC-007F Natasha and the Doctor

MVC-008F Irina I Masha

MVC-009F Natasha, Irina, Masha

MVC-010F The Baron, & Solyony

MVC-011F The Baron and Andrei

MVC-012F Solyony, Irina, Natasha

MVC-013F Solyony & Irina

MVC-012F Solyony, Irina, Natasha

MVC-015F Natasha

MVC-016F Olga & Kulegin

MVC-017F MVC-018F Vershinin & Olga

MVC-019F Vershinin

MVC-020F Olga

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