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Obtaining Hard Collars Now & Places that sell Retro Menswear | History of Fashion Design

Obtaining Hard Collars Now & Places that sell Retro Menswear

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  • wingcollcottonbillb Wing Collar Cotton Tuxedo Shirt from Bill Blass
  • Where to Get Hard Collars: 

    Subject: Collars
    Date: Fri, 18 Jun 1999 06:23:27 -0400

    Dear Dr. Maginnis;

    This is probably old news for you; but just in case, I will pass it on.
    In the course of trying to procure some old style collars for my use at a meeting of the Automatic Musical Instrument Collector’s Association, where period (C 1920) dress is required at certain meetings, I discovered that the Gibson-Lee company has finally been broken up after 134 years, upon the death of the heirs. However, their paper collar making equipment has been purchased by Amazon Dry Goods, who plan to continue that line of business
    themselves. Right now, they haven’t quite figured out how to set up the system, so the existing stock of paper collars that they inherited with the equipment is not complete. The expect to be in full production by the fall.

    Meanwhile, Amazon has developed a source for modern “celluloid” collars, actually made out of a fabric-pattern embossed sheet acrylic. These are washable, and ought to be more satisfactory than the paper ones. I have ordered some, and I will let you know how they look when they come. These are not yet in Amazon’s catalog, but they are available in at least the following styles, which don’t exactly match the style of paper collars illustrated:
    1) Fold collar
    2) Wing collar
    3) Clerical collar
    4) high “Hoover”
    2) low “Hoover” or “Eaton”
    Also, they are more economical to buy from Amazon, being sold at two for $15.00, rather than having to get a box of 25 or 50 paper collars.

    It also may interest you to know that real fabric separate collars are still made and used in England (judges and barristers have to use them, for example). One source, which sells fold collars, wing collars in different heights, and neckband shirts is:

  • Ask for Mr. David Lawton, who very kindly helped me. These people supply a lot of such items to the US, and can take a credit-card order by phone or fax, and send the items promptly by airmail, with all the paperwork and VAT exemption done properly.
    If you ever are in England, a visit to Jermyn St., one block south of
    Piccadilly Circus, where all the famous shirt makers have their shops, would be of interest. The old fashioned stores are neat, and the helpful and knowledgeable Shop Assistants there make the average American store clerk look pretty poor by comparison.


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