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More work on Study Garment Lesson 13 | History of Fashion Design

More work on Study Garment Lesson 13

More work with your Study Garments
Step 1:Pick up your film/disk and post the study garment and neck cloth images to your web site before the  weekend.  Everyone should go to one another’s Student Web Pages and view each other’s garments.  Post feedback to one another about the images/garments on the Message Board by sunday.

Look at these Previous Examples of Study Garments to get ideas for your project:

  • Claire Mc Cardell Dress
  • 1940’s Swagger Coat Project
  • Victorian Dress
  • Bustle Era Jacket
  • Granddad’s Bee feater Costume
  • A Hawaiian Dress
  • 1960 Fun Fur Stole

Step 2:To record your study garment further, do an outline drawing of  the garment showing seam placement.  Scan and post later with your final project submission.

Be aware that in order to have time to get student feedback, your rough draft of your final report on the study garment will be due Early Lesson-14-wwi-to-wwii, not at the end of it, so if you have time to do so, begin writing the report now, getting as much of this data below compiled as possible.

The final report should contain the following:

  1. A brief description of the garment.
  2. Photos of the garment.
  3. An estimated “date” of the garment, with a description of the reasons/sources you used to arrive at this date.
  4. An estimated “story” of the garment, describing when it was probably worn (parties, work, wedding?), what price range it represents (custom tailored, expensive, home-made, mass produced cheaply?), and any other important information you have been able to deduce.
  5. A list of sources of information: This may include family stories, hyper links, or bibliography.

51DDcEZojrL Your Vintage Keepsake: A Costume Society of America Guide to Costume Storage and Display

512SPSMD7DL Clothing & Accessories from the ’40S, ’50s & ’60s : A Handbook and Price Guide

51NimsghhBL A History of Costume, Karl Kohler

51i+YVY-uLL Art to Wear


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