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More 18th Century Fan Photos | History of Fashion Design

More 18th Century Fan Photos



A51Fan A51Fanleft A51Fanright A51FanSticks

“This fan is painted on paper mounted on cloth, or glazed cloth The sticks are ivory or bone, some pierced, and some decorated with inlay or pique work with some gilt and silvered inlays. The painting is on one side only and consists of two scenes. On the left are European persons in two ships, with other persons on shore, one fishing. The costumes are 18th century. The right hand scene portrays two Chinese figures in a rather sketchy landscape, a European-style towered building on the left. There are minor losses in the inlay, and there are some thin spots on the creases of the fan. The painting appears fresh and without repair. The sticks are 10 5/16″ long.”

A52Fanback A52Fanfront A52Fanl A55Fansticks

“This very elegant fan has ivory or bone sticks, with the outer or end sticks being mother-of-pearl. They are beaufully pierced and outlined with silver and gilt. The painting appears to be on heavy paper. The front has a large and brilliantly colored scene of a King or other noble person seated on a throne, with on the left a bishop and a clergyman, and on the right two gentlemen in formal coats and wearing swords. The costumes appear to be of late 18th century date. On the reverse is another large colored painting of two lady musicians and a couple dancing. The rest of the fan, on either side, has rather sketchy floral and diaper-pattern painting. This fan is in excellent condition, and has a little gilt-bronze mount where the sticks come together.”

A53Fanfront A53Fanl A53Fansticks A55Fancenter
“This fan has ivory or bone sticks, with fine piercing and well inlaid with gilt and silvered pique work with putti and fanciful ladies in architectural settings. There are substantial losses to this delicate work. The paintings are on cloth and represent a central scene of a lady playing a mandolin in a beautiful setting, with two attendants. There are two reserved with trophies and various floral garlands and sprays. The whole piece is set with little sequins delicately sewn on. The reverse has a little painting where the outline of the front shows through, and a floral spray in the center. Generally a bit dusty, and with some splits and thin spots along the sticks. Sticks 10 ½” long.”

A54Fanbackdetail A54Fanfront A54Fanl

A54Fanleft A54FanRight A54Fansticks 
“This fan is elaborately painted with scenes of 18th century gallants. The sticks are of bone or ivory, pierced and inlaid with pique work in gilt and silver with urns and swags. The paintings appear to be on paper. On the front is a central scene of lovers holding a floral garland in a fanciful wooded landscape setting. To either side are ladies, one leaning against an urn monument and the other gesturing. The paintings are edges with gold at the top and the bottom of the paper. The reverse has a single scene of a lady seated in a broad landscape. The fan is generally in good condition, with a few splits and thin spots in the paper along the sticks here and there.”

A55Fanleft A55Fanright A55Fansticks

A55Fanl A56Fan A54Fanlback

“This fan has ivory or bone sticks, pierced and with some gilt and silver inlay, much worn on the outer sticks. The painting appears to be on glazed cloth, and is on one side only. The scene shows figures of three children in 18th century dress, the girl holding a bird and the boy her work basket, an infant doing something at a table to the right. The floral painting on the rest of the fan is outlined with multicolored sequins carefully sewn on and the major devices are outlined with fine gilt thread applied. The reverse has the outlines from the front gone over and with some gilt added. There is a paste “diamond” at either end of the pin that holds the sticks together. The sticks are 10 5/6″ long. There is an old tag attached (from the former owner) which reads “French 1730.” The fan is quite dirty, although the painting is well preserved, and there are some splits and thin spots to the cloth along the sticks.”

A56FanBack A56Fancenter A56FanRIght

“An excellent fan in superior condition. The sticks are ivory or bone, finely pierced and with almost intact pique work in silver heightened with sequins. The fan is on cloth and is painted in a delicate sepia with some white and flesh colors on the central figures. The figures are of three very fashionably dressed ladies in a woodland setting. The surface of the fan glitters with gilt sequins. The reverse is blank except for a sepia floral spray in the center. With the usual minor weakness along the sticks, but otherwise very attractive and with excellent painting. The original collector’s label reads “Mourning Fan French 1760.” The sticks are 10 _” long.”


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