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Millinery by Jane Loewen, 1925Ce | History of Fashion Design

Millinery by Jane Loewen, 1925Ce

millinery by loewen



Designs and Photos of Hats by Jane Lowen

I. Wire Frames Uses of wire frames-Mathematical side of frame making- Process of constructing a wire frame for a hat – Dimensions for standard hats – Questions

II. Molded Frames Molded or pressed frames – Hand-molded frames – Bias ~dry- molded frames – Questions

III. Pattern Frames  Classification of frames made from patterns – Comparison of processes in making unrolled and rolled brims – Cutting the frame – Wiring frame – Binding a frame – Covering frame with interlining – Questions

IV. Crowns Frame foundations used for crowns-Kinds of crowns~-Out- line of kinds of crowns and their appropriate brims – How to determine kinds of crowns suitable to individual types of faces – Questions

V. Staple Millinery Materials  Materials used – Questions

VI. Cutting Materials Cutting a true bias – Cutting a long bias – Table of bias meas- ures – Rules for measuring material for a bias that is to be stretched – Correct shading for velvet and ~soleil – Measuring a frame for the correct amount of material – Accuracy in cutting, a large factor in cost saving – Methods used for cutting maline – Cutting bias binding from frame and crown edges – Questions

VII. The Fabric Hat  Fall materials and fabrics – Classified construction of fabric hats for fall and winter – Questions

VIII. Braid Hats Kinds – Manner of sewing – Questions

IX. Transparent Hats Kinds – Preparing the frame – Edge finishes – Appropriate trimmings – Questions

X. Draped Hats  Matrons’ turbans – Harem turbans – Draped ~tams – Section hats – Questions

XI. Tailored Trimmings  Severe, factory-tailored hats – Semitailored hats – Kinds of tailored trimmings – Questions

XII. Dress-Hat Trimmings Trimmings for which the hat is a background – Trimming which is part of the design – Questions

XIII. Cleaning and Remodeling   Cleaning – Remodeling – Questions

XIV. Color Harmony as Applied to The Individual  Purpose of color in adorning the person – Color versus temperament – Chart of color combinations suitable to various types – Questions

XV. Line HarmonyFundamental principles of line – Principles of line as applied to the individual – Questions


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