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Medieval Costume Plates from the Costumes Historiques | History of Fashion Design

Medieval Costume Plates from the Costumes Historiques

Medieval Costume Plates from “Costumes Historiques” (Paris 1860-61) by Camille Bonnard, with illustrations by Paul Mercuri

Images courtesy of Aquarian Gallery Antique Prints and Maps

NobleRomaine100 Noble Romaine 14th. C CostumeMilitaire68 Costume Militaire 14th. C

NobleSiennoise69 Noble Siennoise 14th. C Favconnier10 Favconnier 13th. C

Archeveqve30 Archeveqve 14th. C CompagnieDeLaCalza131 Compagnie De La Calza

ReineDeChypre159 Reine De Chypre 15th. C. CostumeMilitaire149 Costume Militaire 15th. C.

NobleItalien92 Noble Italien 14th. C  nobleitalienne152 Noble Italienne 15th. C

SaxonOrnaments1855 Saxon Ornaments &Funeral Habits valet86 Valet – 14th. C.

noblefrancaise78 Noble Francaise – 14th. C. pertinario94 Pertinario-14th. C.

Cardinal136Cardinal ChevalierRhodesPl156 Chevalier Rhodes

CreationChevalier81 Creation Chevalier ItalienesPl36Italiennes 14th C.

JevneFrancaise14th Jevne Francaise LePapeSixteIV115 la Pape Sixte IV 15th Century

SenateurDeRome14th Senateur de Rome 14th Century


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