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Making Cheap Witch Wigs In To The Samurai Ladie,s | History of Fashion Design

Making Cheap Witch Wigs In To The Samurai Ladie,s

Making Cheap “Witch” Wigs into Good Japanese Styles for “The Mikado”, “Rashomon” and Other Plays (3D+10C)

Ok, I admit this whole project has to do with my loathing of cheap “Geisha” wigs in productions of the Mikado, as well as my love of cheap witch wigs, which cost half as much.  I also love the hanging hair bits you see in Anime and Samurai movies, and figured I could do the same with witch wigs for our production of The Mikado and so get prettier wigs for less money than usually paid out for those annoying ready-dressed “Geisha” wigs.

254b005 pittising

Our Mikado wigs were each done in a slightly different style, so that each girl looked like an individual, but they all included the trailing bits of hair one associates with female Japanese hairstyles prior to the late 18th Century:

254b007 254b006 254b008

254b009 254b010 254b012

254b011 254b014 254b015

254b016 254b017 254b018

3032 7009

7011 7010

The instructions below detail how to do a wig in the style shown below, but you may choose to design a different style of wig, like those above and can extrapolate your own process based on your design crossed with the instructions below.

The Project: 

You will need

  • A wig head and table mount
  • A long haired black wig
  • A pair of old black nylons
  • Net or tulle, preferably black
  • Needle and thread.
  • Hairspray
  • Hairnets
  • Pins
  • Trimmings as preferred.

Pin the wig to the head form, stretching it out at all edges so it won’t “shrink” as you work. IF the wig is in bad shape, brush out thoroughly, from the bottom to the top, making it as smooth and flat as possible.  If you have just pulled the wig out of it’s package, omit this step.

Take your pair of old nylons and cut them into pairs of smaller bits as shown.  Sew up one end, Stuff with net scraps, and sew up the other end making something that looks like a sausage or potato. These are called “rats”. the rats in pairs based on size.Place the rats onto the wig where you want hair rolls or puffs.

3003 3008 3017 3011


Put Wrap or roll hair around the rats smoothly, spraying the hair in neat sheets as you go.Pin in place. Using heavy black thread, sew as pinned.

3025 3026 3023

3027 3030 3034


3038 3039 3042

3043 3046 3047


3051 3067

Wrap the wig in hair nets and then sew the hair nets into place. Pin and sew trim to the wig.
3068 3069 3070

3071 3073 3074 3075

When it is finished, photograph your wig as jpeg files and post them to your File folder at the class eGroup.  Post a message to the group letting everyone know you have posted these pictures so you can get feedback.


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