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Makeup and Mask Supplies | History of Fashion Design

Makeup and Mask Supplies

Mask and Makeup Links


  • 514L53ct4yL._SX379_BO1,204,203,200_ Complete Make-Up Artist : Working in Film, Fashion, Television and Theatre

  • The complete pamphlet Make Up Book for Professionals-1 by F.W. Nack, Chicago, c.1900 showing makeup styles used for the various race, age and sex stereotypes popular on stage at the turn of the last century.

  • 51G-DIaP4YL How-To Books and Video on Makeup, Masks and Hair

History of Makeup, Perfume and Cosmetics (Also history of Face and Beauty Perception)

  • Make Up Book for Professionals-1 by F.W. Nack, Chicago, c.1900 a complete facsimile of a copyright expired lithographic pamphlet  on stage makeup from around 1900.  It shows clear diagrams of the common types of theatre makeup used for portraying popular characters and types on the American stage at that time.  These diagrams are not only interesting for the study of the history of stage makeup, but also for the study of various stereotypes of race, gender and age prevalent in stage works of the time, including blackface, yellowface, and redface.

  • 41HT185EDGL Secrets of Aromatic Jewelry

  • 41TDTK6MM6L Behind the Burnt Cork Mask: Early Blackface Minstrelsy and Antebellum American Popular Culture (Music in American Life)




  • 61hVIfEZMSL It Stays Roll-on Body Adhesive

  • 8colfacepaint Amazon.com 8 Color Rainbow Face Painting Palette Everything Else

  • 31MMWm1QRpL Amazon.com Color Me Beautiful Concealer Wheel Beauty

  • 41CAdX2VYGL Amazon.com Snazaroo 16 Color Face Painting Wheel for Walk Around Pallet Toys & Games

  • 41pVdNd9BfL Amazon.com Snazaroo 18 Color Face Painting Wheel for Walk Around Pallet Toys & Games

  • 41rJ0NyzRZL Amazon.com Snazaroo 8 Color Pastel Face Paint Pallet Toys & Games

  • 51JCGE4BASL Amazon.com Snazaroo 8 Color Skin Tone Face Paint Pallet Toys & Games

  • 4157cplNvDL Amazon.com Snazaroo 8 Color Sparkle Face Paint Pallet Toys & Games

  • 81GQeqA4lmL._SL1500_ Amazon.com Snazaroo Jumbo Face Painting Pallet Toys & Games

  • 414ljFbrmsL Amazon.com Snazaroo Professional Walk Around Face Painting Kit and Pallet Everything Else

  • liquidlatex1gallon Liquid Latex 1 Gallon

  • liquidlatex1quart Liquid Latex 1 Quart

  • stageblood1gallon Stage Blood 1 Gallon

  • kryolanglittercreme Kryolan Glitter Crème – 92812

  • moulagekit Moulage Kit Ben Nye Professional Emergency Medical Services Moulage Kit

  • tattoocover Tattoo Cover


  • kryolanglittersprays Kryolan Glitter Sprays – 2255

  • pintliquidlatex Pint Liquid Latex

Masks for Sale / Mask Artists

  • bandwfabcesmasks Black and White Faces Masks


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