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Make Up Book for Professionals-1 | History of Fashion Design

Make Up Book for Professionals-1

Make Up Book for Professionals by F.W. Nack, Chicago, c.1900
This is a complete facsimile of F.W. Nack’s Make Up Book for Professionals, a copyright expired lithographic pamphlet on stage makeup from around 1900. It shows clear diagrams of the common types of theatre makeup used for portraying popular characters and types on the American stage at that time. These diagrams are not only interesting for the study of the history of stage makeup, but also for the study of various stereotypes of race, gender and age prevalent in stage works of the time.

pg1 cover figure 1

pgs2and3 Young Girl & Middle Aged Lady

pgs4and5 Old Lady & Old Maid

pgs6and7 Soubrette & Marguerite

pgs8and9 Young Man & Middle Aged Man

pgs10and11 Old Man & Yankee Farmer

pgs12and13 Indian & Indian Squaw

pgs14and15 Colonial Man & Colonial Lady

pgs16and17 Geisha Girl & Chinese

pgs18and19 Negro & Clown

pgs20and21 Silly Kid & Villain

pgs22and23 Miser & Hebrew

This copyright expired pamphlet has been scanned for your education and use. Feel free to copy the images for use in school reports, educational web pages, makeup morgues, and other non-profit activities.



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