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Magic Flute Photos | History of Fashion Design

Magic Flute Photos

Theatre UAF/UAF Opera Workshop 1998

First Photo Call Photos

tony1 Monostatos

steve3 steve2 steve1 Pappageno

Second Photo Call Photos

44478_02 44478_04 44478_05 Pappagena’s


flute1 flute2 MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA 44478_15

44478_13 44478_14 44479_04 44479_05

44478_12 44478_08 44479_07  44479_06

44479_10 44479_11 44479_12 44478_22

flute3 44479_13 44479_14 44479_17

44479_19 44479_21 44479_18 44479_20

44482_03 44482_04 44482_05 44482_06

44482_08 44482_09 44482_13 44482_10

44482_14 44482_16 44482_17 44482_15

44482_19 44482_20 44482_21 44482_18

publicitystunt tarainchickensuit 44482_22Publicity Stunt (costume shop staff dresses in costumes in preparation for handing out fliers at rally on campus)

On Stage:

flute1z flute2z flute5 flute6 Tamino

queen&ladies The Queen of the Night and her Ladies

thisembrace Pamina and Tamino meet at last, with the approval of Sarastro, and the jealousy of Monostatos.

44480_04 flute3z flutelove

44480_10 44480_05 44480_08

44480_17 44480_20 44480_18

44480_21 suicide Pamina and the Three Spirits

wineglass flutebirdboyPappageno and the wine glass

glointhedark The chorus of priests don horror masks, while black light makes previously unseen hieroglyphics appear on their saffron robes for the “Hell” scene. The masks symbolize the horrors of the trial of Tamino and Pamina, while the writing contains part of the words of “The Instruction of Phtaotep”, which represent the wisdom of the priests which they are passing on to the couple.

Curtain Call:

44478_17 44478_15

44478_18 44478_19

More Flute Photos by Kade Mendelowitz

flutecoronation fluteglowindarkcult1 fluteglowindarkcult2

fluteladies1 flutemomdaughter flutelions

flutequeen1 flutequeen2 flutemrtoastdance

fluteslaves2 fluteslaves1


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