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Magic Flute & Backstage Photos | History of Fashion Design

Magic Flute & Backstage Photos

Theatre UAF/UAF Opera Workshop 1998


flutebuild 64818_09 First Hand Karen Wood works on the Fortuny-pleated skirt of Pamina Pamina’s blue over-tunic is made of a recycled beaded evening gown. The shoulder drapes are made of lilac tissue lame that has been Fortuny pleated in our dye vat.

64818_05 Ten yards of gold lame is seen here after being pleated and boiled. These go into making the costumes for the Three Spirits.

84868_38 The Cookie Monster stool awaits a helper to sit on it and sew the lampshade tunic of the second Slave Girl, as the monster size of chorus costumes on the rack at rear cries out to be spray-painted and hemmed.

64818_03 Pappagena’s head dress getting feathers attached to the back.

flutebuild3 Jenny Sterner, box office assistant, is drafted into working on sewing layers of long bands of net to coat hanger wire in order to make Pappagena’s tail feathers.

64818_14 How the wires and net look after sewing. The next step is to scrunch them up on the hanger and then cut the sides into shreds. Costume Shop Manager Jason Chapman shows off the finished product.

64818_13 Heather Holzapfel comes in for her fitting as Pappagena

84870_04 84870_05 when the costume is completed. On a dress form

64818_04 Monostatos costume awaits getting it’s shoulder rolls attached. Local costume designer Claudia Lively

flutebuild2 Takes time out from her schedule to help with a wig for the Queen of the Night.Behind the scenes at Dress Rehearsal,

nightqueenandhanger papagenofitting The Queen of the Night carries her 12 foot long train on a coat hanger, while Pappageno

heroandvillain Tamino and Monastatos, try on their new costumes.

44478_25 Chris dress for o


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