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Links and Images for Theatre Makeup History | History of Fashion Design

Links and Images for Theatre Makeup History

Old Theatrical Makeup

I have been collecting old makeup kits sold on eBay of late in the hope of learning a bit more on the earlier use of stage makeup. These photos show some kits I’ve purchased recently.Click the kit to see detailed pictures of the makeup.
Page 2: MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA A complete American professional actor’s kit in it’s original tin box, most probably used by a white male in the early 20th Century.

Page 3:2e_1_b An American barely used makeup kit contents suggestive of a white female (amateur?) ingénue 1900-1925?

Page 4:MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Complete and unused white female Max Factor theatrical “student” kit in original box (1940’s?)

Page 5:MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Assorted old theatrical makeup supplies and boxes.

Page 6:e1_1_b Special effects makeup kit in England probably before the 1950s

Page 7:MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA A Small Basic Set of Stein’s Greasepaint Sticks for a white actor or actress in it’s original c.1900 tin

Page 8:MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA c. 1900 white female kit of Blanca Lester, plus roll of c.1900 stage money.

Related Links:

  • pgs18and19 Make Up Book for Professionals by F.W. Nack, Chicago, c.1900 a complete facsimile of a copyright

expired lithographic pamphlet on stage makeup from around 1900. It shows clear diagrams of the common types of theater makeup used for portraying popular characters and types on the American stage at that time. These diagrams are not only interesting for the study of the history of stage makeup, but also for the study of various stereotypes of race, gender and age prevalent in stage works of the time, including black face, yellow face, and red face.


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