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Liaisons Fans & Snuff Box | History of Fashion Design

Liaisons Fans & Snuff Box

Fan making:


The original cheap-o fan leaf is peeled off the cheap bamboo sticks and used to gauge the size the finished fan leaf will need to be.

fan1  fan2

This fan for Mme. de Rosamonde was made by scanning in a photo from an 18th Century original at the MFA Boston and altering the size of the leaf in Adobe Photoshop to match the size needed.  Then the leaf was printed out in pieces, and ironed to fusible interfacing.  Then the leaf was hand colored with watercolor to approximate the original, and then glued to the sticks with rubber cement.  A layer of gold tissue paper was glued to the back of the fan to sandwich the sticks inside the leaf and strengthen the fan.  Finally the fan was folded, and soon the sticks will be painted using paint pens.

MVC-013F MVC-014F

The design is printed in sections and glued together.

MVC-016F MVC-017F

The paper leaf is ironed onto heavy non woven interfacing, and the excess interfacing clipped away.

The leaf is glued to the sticks, and a skin of tissue paper is glued to the back to hold on the sticks.

MVC-011F (1)

Then the leaf is painted to match the original fan.

MVC-009F MVC-010F


The fan is folded  and pressed into shape on the ironing board.


The sticks are decorated with gold pen.


The finished fan for Mme. de Volanges.

Fan for Merteuil:

MVC-012F MVC-019F

Painting a sandalwood fan owned by the actress to look like a 18th Century Chinese fan.

Fan for Cecile The leaf is painted.


The fan sticks are removed fro a cheap fan to apply to the leaf.

MVC-005F MVC-006F

The leaf is applied to the sticks with a thin coat of hot glue.


A layer of gold tissue is glued to the back with rubber cement to sandwich in the sticks before folding.


The completed fan.

MVC-009F (1)

Fan for Emile the Courtesan:

Lorraine draws final details with a gold pen.


The design was made by combining an image of an 18th Century fan on balloon expeditions with pictures from 18th Century pornography.

MVC-016F (1)

The cameos have the ballooning images removed and lewd images put in their stead with Photoshop.

MVC-017F (1)

Then the leaf is printed out in 3 sections, and glued together before being ironed to fusible interfacing and painted.

Pornographic Snuff-box

Turning a mint tin into a pornographic snuff box:

MVC-003F (1)  MVC-006F (1)
MVC-005F (1)
I printed out 18th century erotic etchings from AMEA // World Museum of Erotic Art  painted them to match Valmont’s costume and glued them to the tin. This box was so popular with the cast that I and Lorraine made everyone in the cast and costume crew little boxes with erotic images from the 18th Century as opening night gifts.

Naked lady buttons:

MVC-008F (1)

Similar process using wooden craft disks, water colored printouts, and small shank buttons glued on as backs.


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