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Les Liaisons Dangere Uses,Theatre UAF (2002) | History of Fashion Design

Les Liaisons Dangere Uses,Theatre UAF (2002)

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Photos from 2nd Dress

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Some Photos from the Final Matinee and Photo Call
Renderings with photos of the completed designs

Photos by Kade Mendelowitz at the official UAF page for this show (really great photo call &costume shots)

Details of Valmont’s Violet Peacock Coat 

Details of other assorted costumes from Liaisons, mounted for display

Quicktime VRML views of some of the costumes from the play

Poster Ideas and other Publicity Images
Building Liaisons Costumes (including how-to instructions in many cases):
Liaisons Wigs
Liaisons Fans & Snuff Box 

Other Costume Build Photos (Needlework, sewing & hats)
Costume History Images and Resources for the 1780’s
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Stock UAF costumes, & bits of clothing from my closet I hoped to recycle
Fabric from my basement and donated stock fabric I used
Related Links  Les Liaisons Dangereuses Costume Designs on other productions of this play, Knights of Malta, the original novel, 18th Century erotica, swords, playing cards, women’s pastimes, etc.
A chart of logical Costume changes that could be used in a  bigger budget production.
Download a Screensaver of Tara’s Liaison’s Costume Designs by Kade Mendelowitz
Download a free printable deck of cards using the Liaisons Renderings.


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