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Late 18th Century Europe Part 2 1789 to 1800 | History of Fashion Design

Late 18th Century Europe Part 2 1789 to 1800


summerdress1794 Fashion Plates 1790-1800

cameron28 cameron29 Two European style full court dress suits of  patterned velvet with colored silk embroidery c.1780-1800.

Membredelacommune Member of the Commune of Paris, 1793   (Quicherat)

Robealacircassienne Circassian gown with scarf and chemise.Formal dress of a robe a’ l’anglaise from the beginning of 1789, from the Cabinet des Modes (Quicherat)

Typedela A “merveilleuse” of 1796. Dress and Spencer Jacket and “baby” style cap in the fashion of 1797. (Quicherat)

Patrioteselegants Fashions for the elegant revolutionary in 1789 and 1790 from the Cabinet des Modes  (Quicherat)

cameron21 cameron31mediumsize

White silk suit with silver embroidery worn by the future Alexander I to his wedding c.1790. Click Here for high resolution image (71k)

Costumes Francaise: The Convention & the Directory

Varchauddejournaux News “boy” of 1797   (Quicherat)

Costumes Worn at the University of Cambridge in (1803)s

PromenadePalaisRoyal Paris 1792 (Boehn)

ChodowieckiReformDress Suggestions for dress reform. (Boehn)


Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun the court painter to Marie Antoinette.  After the Revolution made life in Paris dangerous for her, she fled to Naples, and later St. Petersburg, where she painted court ladies in both those cities. (Boehn)

heidloff1795 1795

FromPromenade c. 1790 (Boehn)

1790feb 1790june Costume Plates of the French Revolution and Empire


Green silk frock coat of 1790 (Kohler)

heidloff1796 1796

461_1792 “Incroyable” style frock coat of blue and white striped silk, c.1792 (Kohler)

PromenadeStJamesPk London c.1792 (Boehn)

heidloff1795 Heidloff’s Gallery of Fashion 1795 (Boehn)

heidloff1796Heidloff’s Gallery of Fashion 1796 (Boehn)

1780'sgrandgown Late 1780’s Grand gown (French)

449_1795Dress with long Caraco Jacket of brown striped silk, 1795 (Kohler)

c1789shead C. 1789 French Hairdo

18thfrenchgrenadierlate 18th Century French grenadier

c1790constancy c. 1790


18th Century Costumes from the Victoria and Albert Museum as seen in “Old English Costumes” c.1908

 heidloff1796AHeidloff’s Gallery of Fashion 1796 (Boehn)

heidloff1796BHeidloff’s Gallery of Fashion 1796 (Boehn)


Plates from The 18th Century; It’s Institutions, Customs and Costumes: France 1700-1789 by Paul Lacroix

3 Revealing 1790’s English fashions at an aristocratic “Rout” party, caricatured by Gillray

Elegantalamodede1799 Fashionable men’s dress of 1799 (Quicherat)
451_1800 Cap of white embroidered linen, 1800 (Kohler)
OnTheBoulevard 1797  (Boehn)

BoulevardDesItaliens Heidloff’s Gallery of Fashionc.1797 (Boehn)
Color plates of original 18th Century costumes from Karl Kohler’s Kostumekunde

1800frenchcaptaingrenadiers a Captain of Grenadiers, French, around 1800

A fashionable English mother in caricature (Boehn)


18th Century Color Plates from English Costume 1066-1820, 1906, by Dion Clayton Calthrop

Costumedebal 1. Costume for a ball “a la sauvage”, 1796.  2. “Greek” style dress, 1797.   (Quicherat)

Rococo Style

Proletarian and Peasant Dress

1779mant Men—The 18th Century Man

The Cut of Men’s Clothes 1700-1800

18th Century Costume & Social History Books

corset118th Century Recommended Costume Books Lingerie

A Speedy 18th Century Corset

51 Lace

millersbenefit 18th Century Theatre Engravings by Hogarth

The Museum of London:18th Century London

Pockets, Bags and Muffs

PrincessFrederika Princess Frederika 1794 (Boehn)

diderotwkshp Embroidery

1786coatpat  Patterns

ridi1t 18th Century Costume Flicks

Hair and Wigs


Plates of 18th Century French Women’s Hair & Hats by Hoey

Women—The 18th Century Woman

The Cut of Women’s Clothes 1700-1800

Plates of 18th Century French Women’s Dress by Hoey



Patch Boxes

mules Shoes

475Fan with Neo Classical motifs, end of the 18th Century. (Kohler)


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