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Lacma Museum Exhibit A Century of Fashion 1900 to 1930ce | History of Fashion Design

Lacma Museum Exhibit A Century of Fashion 1900 to 1930ce


Three Piece Suit, 1905-7, by Frances, France, Paris, active 1900-1910, embroidered wool serge and silk, gift of Mrs. Robert E. Gross. m.63.25.2a-c

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Hat, 1904-7, by House of Virot, France, Paris, active Late 19th-Early 20th Centuries, velveteen with lace, braids, trims and metal brooch, leant by Wendy Ann Rosen.  ex.2253.1
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Afternoon Dress, 1904-5, by A.H. Metzner, United States, New York, 20th Century, iridescent silk with velvet ribbon and enameled buttons, Gift of Mrs. W.R. Fawcett  ac1992.187.2.1-.3

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Late Afternoon Dress, United States, c. 1909, satin dress, silk net bodice with metallic embroidery, lace cord and pop-pom trim, gift of Mrs. Walter Dupre.  ac1996.180.1

 Mvc-020f Mvc-021f

Evening Dress, 1911-13, Callot Soeurs, France; house founded 1895-closed 1937, Silk georgette bodice; metallic mesh over satin skirt; bead embroidered floating panels, gift of Mrs. Helen Crocker Russell  54.129.6

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Afternoon Dress, c. 1917, by the Fashion Studio of the Wiener Werkstatte, Austria, 1910-19, silk chiffon, silk net, and silk embroidery, Costume Council Find.  ac1999.178.1

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Lounging Pajamas, c. 1918, by Lucile (Lady Duff Gordon), England, Active France and United States, 1862-1935, silk and metallic lace over silver lame with satin trim, gift of Mrs. Helen Crocker Russell.   54.129.7

 Mvc-027f Mvc-001f

Dinner Dress, c.1924, by Paul Poiret, France, 1879-1944, silk chiffon trimmed with grosgrain and metallic ribbons and braid; silk satin underdress, gift of Mrs, William J. Kuehn, Mrs. Hugo Lucie and Mrs. Howard Murphy.  m.64.4.2

Cloche, United States, c.1920, silk and metal thread embroidery on silk satin and velvet with silk tassel trim, Costume Council Curatorial Discretionary Fund.  m.87.209.5

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Afternoon Dress, c.1928, Jean Patou, France, 1880-1936; house founded 1914, printed and patterned semi sheer lame, gift of Mrs. Gertrude Trubner. 57.43a, b

 Mvc-019f Mvc-021f (1) Mvc-022f (1) Mvc-020f (1)

Evening Dress, 1927, Jeanne Beckers (Madame Isidore Paquin), France, 1869-1936; house founded 1891-closed 1956, sequins and glass beads on silk satin-backed crepe, gift of Mrs. Henry P. Russell.  54.129.4

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