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Knitted Tam, c.1918 from Columbia Yarns | History of Fashion Design

Knitted Tam, c.1918 from Columbia Yarns


Knitted Tam

Columbia Scotch Sweater Yarn, 2 balls Color, 1 ball White; Columbia Bone or Celluloid Knitting Needles size 5; Columbia Bone or Celluloid Crochet Hook size 3. back and front of each st, turn; k plain, turn; k back and front of each st, turn and k plain.

  • Row 5: * K 1, k back and front of next st and repeat from * .
  • Row 6: K plain.
  • Row 7: * K 2, k back and front of third st and repeat from * .
  • Row 8: K plain.
  • Continue the plain and increasing rows with 1 more st between in creasings each rib until there are 30 sts between increases.
  • Row 47: * K 2, k 2 sts together and repeat from * .
  • Row 48: K plain.
  • Rows 49 and 50: Repeat rows 47 and 48 and then bind off.


Band: Using double yarn cast on 20 sts and k until band is long enough to stretch to 22 inches. Sew to crown.
Cord: Using crochet hook and white yarn ch 6 sts, 1 d c in first ch and continue to work around with 1 d c in each st until cord is 1-1/4 yards long, finish with tassels and trim as illustrated.


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